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Anger is toxic!

Mind is malleable,its just like a muscle. The more you challenge your mind, more strong it becomes. Some things are inbuilt but for many things, we train our mind to adapt to. Our brain has the property of plasticity. It can be molded and here comes the most intriguing feature of our brain where it can adapt to so many different environments. The emotions, the feelings that we express repeatedly form strong connections in our brain and we are bound to act accordingly most of the times consciously or unconsciously. The habits that we have and the ones we practice daily has a lot of impact on the type of connections or synapses formed in our brain. Remember, brain is the control center of our body machine and let's train it in a way that our machine works efficiently without loosing control on any front.

But the problem arises when we start thinking a lot and when we are mind full instead of mindful. When you look at life like a problem to solve, everywhere you will find some or the other hurdles to cross but when you think life is to live and take each incident in your life as an experience, your perspective changes and the course that your mind takes to think, also changes. By looking at each instance as an experience motivates you to think in a way that you learn.

Being humans, we are emotionally driven species and have various ways to express our emotions. The type of emotions that you express are again driven by the kind of experiences you have. Anger is one such emotion that defines human psychology in many different conditions and scenarios. Anger is antagonism that is expressed when someone or something does wrong to someone or something. Anger can be categorized as the one people express on others and the one that is experienced by an individual by getting disappointed by oneself and look forward to improve oneself . Anger expressed on others need to be analysed and processed as this anger never bear any fruitful result. It causes pain, anxiety, irritation, depression and bears nothing good!

Hence, analysis plays the role where we need to think before we act. Self control plays a big role. We should always remember that in any situation our peace of mind is the most important and that needs to be retained to make sensible decisions in life and to be happy.

Life is to live and not to think about it. Life has its own rules, own situations which are not under our control. So, just go with the flow. Train your mind to take each turn as an experience, spread love, consider and listen. Subside anger and substitute is with love, care and affection.

Let's create love synapses instead of anger synapses!

love you all!

Happy reading!

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