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All colors are bright!

Everyone has a choice of colors. Some like blue, some like pink, some like red, some like green. Each color expresses emotions, thought processes and we all keep reading stuff related to the same. As I love painting and I am a lot in painting natural stuff. Whenever I choose colors, can't stick to any one color or shade. I love using all shades of colors. All these colors ultimately are the colors of life and all colors are bright. Each color expresses itself. All colors emerge from the white and get merged in the same. White is the color of peace, a color of sanctity, a color of wisdom that embraces this humanity.

All colors are bright,

that make your life shine!

Red makes my rose bed,

Blue gives me all the hues,

Grey teaches me to pray,

Pink give me that blush tint,

White guides me to the right,

Yellow makes me mellow,

Orange gives me courage,

Green makes my life serene,

Violet guides me, not to be violent!

I am in love with all the colors of life,

Every color defines me,

I look up to all these shades,

To stand up and regain,

To forget my pain,

To hold myself again,

To smile and laugh,


To fall in love all over again!

All colors are bright,

That make your life shine....


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