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Afraid? Don't be!

Fear, is again one of the most common aspect of everyone's life. We all are afraid of some or the other things in life. Fears are of all different sorts. Fear of failing, fear of getting rejected, fear of not living up to the expectations, fear of not being accepted. We all live in fears, you know why? It is because we look at our life from somebody else's eyes. We listen to our heart but ears are not ours. We try to live up to the expectations but those expectations are not ours. We are afraid when we keep on thinking what others will think of us.

Fear is nothing but reluctance to accept the truth! When we start accepting the truth most of our fears vanish. Secondly, to overcome your fears you need to accept that making mistakes is a normal course of life as mistakes provides you with learning experiences. Thirdly, believe in yourself, your biggest strength is that there is no one like you, you are the only version of yourself and believe me the best version! Never compare, as to rise above your fears you have to compete with your own self and not with anyone. Always remember, nothing can threaten you, till the time you give the permission. Be your own boss! Be your own mentor! There is learning everywhere, just keep your mind and eyes open.

Accept yourself, love yourself, encourage yourself, be optimistic because every dark cloud has a silver lining and every night is followed by a bright sunny day!! Nothing happens in our lives without a reason as every experience you go through teaches you lessons for life.

I found this beautiful acronym:

F.E.A.R- Face Everything And Rise!!

Love you all!

Keep rising!

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