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Adding to life:

We are into a lot of these professional development trainings and get to listen to many experienced eminent people in the field of technology, education, research and many other related fields. Apart from all the technical and educational stuff, sometimes they also tend to give you life lessons. The other day I was attending this training and the trainer told about one of his students. His student asked him, " sir, why do we need to have a box to think out of the box?", and I really liked that. This is so true, why should we always strive to come out of the box to think, let's delete that box in the first place.

We all live a life but do we believe in adding on to it in some or the other way. We all are into professional developments but these trainings should also add on to our lives in a way that we grow in our way of thinking, our way of perceiving, our way of interpreting things and situations right. Empathy is a very important value which all of us should imbibe. Empathizing is not only a skill but it is an art of understanding where in you put yourself into the shoes of others and try to understand things from their perspective. We need to move out of our comfort zone to develop this art.

Life instances provide us with ample opportunities, the only thing is we need to grab those at the right time, hence be very vigilant. Learning is happening everywhere, we just need to keep our mind open to welcome the stuff. With time, we all slowly get to realize that certain things to which we gave so much of importance were not that worth but I am not telling you to not give importance to something that you want to give importance to but just don't bet that it will remain the same in the course of time. Sometime, we also realize that certain things were so important and we did not avail those. So, in this scenario be very much with yourself and try to know yourself better that anything else and do not miss a chance.

You must be thinking that I am just talking out of the blue but no, I write and talk only about those things that I have experienced and gone through, so when I say anything is possible, it means anything is possible but just at the right time, with a right approach and with a correct positive mindset. To bring all the positive energies in your fold, you need to be very positive at your end first because like attracts like. As per a very common saying, 'where there is a will, there is a way.' So, yes! it is!

When I heard that student's point, it made me think that its so very true. First we create a box and then we expect or ask people to think out of the box. Why? We should not limit our thought process within the limits of the box, we should not have a box in the first place and let our thoughts flow and reach the horizons where sky meets the earth and let's just free ourselves from all the unnecessary restrictions imposed on our thinking process. Learn, explore, feel, relate, apply, test and just enjoy all the delicacies of life that comes your way and welcome them with your mind and heart open.

Love you all!!

Happy Reading!

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