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Actors..Most versatile people on earth!

Being an artist myself, I have always been very much inclined towards all the fields related to art, be it dance, music, art, theater and among all these, actors are the most fascinating.

Why these group of people make me so impressed is because they are capable of portraying all the different emotions of humans by playing various roles in a way that each and every person is able to relate to that and sometimes we also get to know some hidden areas of human psychology that help us understand so many different scenarios that many people face or go through. I love the fact that there is so much to learn and each and every act give you an in-depth knowledge of how we, as humans behave in different scenarios.

Recently, I finished watching a series online and believe me, it completely enthralled me. A totally different emotion, beautiful portrayal of characters and the depth in each and every piece of the series kept me glued to that. I am not a 'fiction' person. I like it more when things, even if they are acted, to be real that are connected to our daily life situations and then, these actors and directors bring magic to each and every aspect of it.

Human Psychology is the most interesting aspect of being human and there is so much to explore. This is the reason, I find every person interesting because you get to know and experience so much. I do not read books, actually have never developed a habit or you can say I find it very boring to sit at one place and just stay glued to one book, when you have so many different books walking past you every second.

Sometimes, I also think that all the characters that these actors portray during their movies, series or plays must be having a huge impact on their own lives or their mindset or their way of leading lives. There are actors those who have played almost every kind of role or they get to portray so many different characters and of course they spend good time of their lives, being that character. I am always very curious to know what change these people observe in their real life being so versatile in reel life.

Life is a stage and we all are actors, but there is a group of people who portray all of us at some or the other point of time in life. These are called 'ACTORS'!


.....Dedicated to all actors.

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