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A world ....other than this world!

We all are so very much a part of this world that we can't just even think of having another place where we could even survive. We are so use to of family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, peers, children that we just stay engrossed in nourishing these bonds through out our life. Sometime later, some of us do go through this phase that instead of nourishing all these relations somewhere we feel lonely, out of touch and alone. Then we are forced to think what's happening? We try to look for an answer but usually answers doesn't fall easily

and confusion persists.

Most of us just ignore ourselves most of the time we are alive, because we all stay busy living up to the expectations of others almost the whole of our lives, somewhere leaving our own self behind, lost in some dark woods! We are afraid to think that there could be a different world of my own, where its only me and the people with whom actually I want to be because usually your mind argues back, ' this is not right, you are being selfish, you should not be thinking this way, you are behaving abnormal'.

But, the truth is all of us live three lives, a social life, a family life and a personal life and your personal life is the one that you live being in your own world. I live in my own world most of the time because I have experienced that I am most comfortable whenever I am with me. I understand myself, I don't expect much from myself, I take care of myself and most importantly I love myself unconditionally.

I have a beautiful world, where I manage things according to me, I laugh endlessly, I discuss everything, when I talk to myself with no restrictions and no judgments, I paint all the colors of life, I dance to every tune and travel to the end of this planet and I can be with all those I really want to be with. No boundaries, no complications, no restrictions, no targets, no obligations, just a simple, free, life full of love and compassion. I love my world that is other than this world!

Life in this world is full of complexity, let's make it simple and lovable by creating a world of our own where we all can live and flourish amidst this mad world of people around us!

Love yourself because you owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people!

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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