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A vicious circle....

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Time and life have their own plans. The more you try to tamper with them, the more you get entangled in situations and you get more confused. You plan something and most of the times the things that happen or come your way are totally different and are the ones you never expected. Talk about simple day to day routines, what you plan in the morning gets altered by noon and what you plan for noon gets altered by night. Sometimes, you feel satisfied with what happens and sometimes a feeling of unhappiness or disappointment surrounds you. But again, life has its own plans!!

Yesterday, I planned my evening routine and fixed everything but suddenly, there was a full episode of my daughter, emotionally blackmailing me for not spending my full time with her, though I am at her disposal all the time but still, kids have got tactics! So, there was a complete makeover( hahaha) of my plan and I ended up a watching a movie with her and that too an old one. After the movie finished, I realized that it was not that bad too! Sometimes, sudden alterations in your plans are also required to calm us down, to make us stop and relax, to make us enjoy whatever we have at present and among all these thoughts, I was actually enjoying the movie and was all laughs with my daughter!

So, welcome these surprises and just believe in good as everything has a purpose. It was satisfying to hear from her that "I really enjoyed my TV time today". A little change in routine, though not planned but got me my child's smile and satisfied look on her face. Hence, do not control yourself too much, let yourself flow like a stream of water. You will take turns wherever required but let the flow happen naturally. The more we try to fix things the more we get stuck up in them and this 'vicious circle' continues.

Do not try to fix anything, learn to enjoy everything. Fixed things loses flexibility, loses the capability to adapt and change. Change is the law of nature and anything that is not capable of adapting to the change is not capable of surviving. So, your aim should be to survive with vigor, enjoying every moment and avoiding the vicious circles, so that you do not come back to the same point again and again. Make plans but don't be very harsh on yourself!

" Enjoy your life"!

Love you all!

Happy Reading!!

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