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A right shot!

The shooters have to aim very specific to have the right shot, isn't it? The Olympians have to work so hard to get that one right shot and you see what precision is required from the point they start till the point they shoot. Concentration and focus are the key aspects when we need to have a right shot. The same applies in life too.

I got this recommendation from one of my students to write on overthinking, so just thought of expressing myself on this. We all inhabit a place that is very chaotic, full of options, no clarity of what is good and what is bad? What to choose and what not to choose? There are so many different ways to accomplish one thing and the person remain confused which one to choose? There are so many issues like future prospects of the same, quality of the same, monetary requirements, access problems etc: Here, I am specifically mentioning about the academics and for career related problems but the same scenario is observed when it comes to our daily life relations.

Expectations and so many expectations from one person by all different people. Family, friends, relatives, teachers, mentors and sometimes from your acquaintances also. So, what to do and how to come out of all this or how to manage this chaos of life? Is overthinking the solution for all this? No, definitely not!

There is a term called 'priority' and a skill associated with the same is 'prioritizing'. Setting your priorities are very important when it comes to accomplishing something with a right frame of mind whether you are dealing with your relations or setting your career goals. Life will keep challenging you and we have no other option but be ready for the same. We cannot think further if we are still stuck at what happened, we have to move on and that too logically and sensibly.

When you deal with your relations, see and set your priorities about who matters to you the most and who needs your attention in prior. While dealing with your career decisions, think what interests you the most and do not deny that because you cannot work under pressure but if you enjoy what you do, it doesn't seem like a burden anymore. Explore your interests and never think that I am not interested in anything which actually means that you want to try everything, so go for it and believe in doing rather than thinking and overthinking.

Some relations are for life but some are just a part of our life and its advisable and a sensible decision to live to the maximum and accept the change when it is bound to happen, though its not very easy but one thing is sure, 'Something that belongs to you will definitely find its way back to you.' So, just relax and carry on!

Do not stop thinking but don't overthink as it drains your brain and your energy and is a sheer non productive thing to do, instead get yourself involved in something else that is not related to your cause of overthinking. You have to take care of yourself first so that you can take care of all other aspects of your life. Focus and concentrate on your priorities and believe me, you will be much sorted.

" Aim good, think good, express good, prioritize and live good."

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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