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A refreshing morning!

What a morning to start with! Got up early as usual to see a cool breeze followed with heavy showers. A cool start of the day keeps you calm throughout the day and of course keep giving you a boost to work efficiently. A beautiful weather, a soothing rain, some grey hues... you cannot resist to express yourself!

Be your own flower...

No matter the sky is grey,

No matter its not as bright as to say,

No matter you are confined to stay,

Life' beautiful through a window even,

just allow yourself to say.

The grey sky brings you soothing showers,

The night sky brings you twinkling stars,

The blue sky brings you brightness,

Saying, 'At your service, 'My Highness'.'

Allow yourself to explore,

Dig yourself to the core,

Dust your inner layers,

Bring them to the fore,

Know what you want and,

Just happy with what you are!

Clean your heart,

Wash your mind,

The way these leaves shine,

After a soothing shower,

Bloom, my dear friend,

Just be your own flower.

These soothing thoughts came with these morning showers!!


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