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A pool of fire!!

One day a big fight starts between heart and mind. Mind being the superpower could not bear heart taking over and instructs all its army of logic to capture heart and just put it into a dungeon so that it doesn't experience or feel anything and doesn't interfere in the processing of the mind. Heart being very soft and tender and full of feelings follows what is said and ordered as its not at all violent and can't keep up with all the logic.

But one day, mind saw people laughing, enjoying, and having a good time. it could just see and cannot feel, so it was confused what is happening around? Why these people are laughing like crazy, why they are enjoying? It was a totally different experience for the mind and it just kept on looking for logic behind which it could not find.

The heart in the dungeon, with a little window for some rays of the sun to peep in could feel the warmth of the sun and could bear a smile on its face. Could see the clouds and could hear some rain showers and could feel getting wet in the rain, could see that silver lining of the clouds and could relax because where heart operates, logic fails and to enjoy the the elements of life and to appreciate the beauty of life and love, you do not need to be logical all the time!

Being in love and operating through your heart is nothing but a 'Pool of Fire'! but this pool of fire, fulfill all your desires! Heart know your 'needs' and mind execute your 'wants'. So, it is very important to know what do we need and what do we want? We need love, we need compassion, we need passion, we need consideration, we need support, we need encouragement, we need those moments when we can be ourselves, we need to enjoy all those little moments of joy. What do we want then?

We want a big house, a luxury car, we want the most advanced phone and the most advanced technology at home. We want a big screen TV and all the applications that are smart enough. We need all the money in the world to enjoy all the luxuries of life.

leaving it to you...

Decide what is more important for you?

What you 'need' or What you 'want'.?

"Living is all about taking risks to be with what you love the most."

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