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A nuptial knot!

What should a marriage be all about? For me, its just a meeting of two souls who grow together, tolerate together, work together to make their relation work to the best and in some cases it is called, ' love marriage' where these guys are already in love and then they learn to grow together (Hahaha). I have never understood what is the role of these grand palaces, lavish food, noisy music and all that pomp and show!

In these lavishly arranged marriages everything exist but a peaceful mind and respectful heart. Everyone is so obsessed with their clothes, the kind of food, the choice of palace and the competition keeps growing. The couple who sits there with all the heavy stuff on their bodies is nothing but an exhibit for everyone to look at and admire the beauty because no doubt a person looks the most beautiful on his or her wedding day and a person looks beautiful throughout when in a happy relation.

All the efforts go in making these arrangements and then nothing is left to actually make things work. Family conflicts, mutual conflicts, relationship tensions and what not! I know every family faces these issues but no one ever think of observing what goes wrong, what causes tensions and what should be done to make life peaceful, respectful and lovable for everyone. Why not make things simple? Why not just maintain the peace of mind and use the hard earned money in some more useful thing?

Making things simple would resolve so many issues. People will get more time with each other. Families will spend more time together to know each other better, sharing and caring instead of staying up at nights in the tension of making such lavish arrangements that actually doesn't last for long. The only thing that lasts long is love and mutual respect and a sense of care for each other.

Life is very simple, it's we who make it complicated!

Do think!

Happy Reading!

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