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A new day!

Hello everyone!!

Wishing all my readers a very happy lohri with loads of wishes and blessings!

Every festival hold its significance and make us revisit our thoughts and beliefs. This festival brings in cheers to our farmers as they look forward to harvest their hard produced crop and look forward to earn good and become self sustained. This festival marks the end of winter with days becoming longer and nights shorter. All these are academic and historical significances but each day is a new start and each day brings in new thoughts and new aspirations.

Believing in oneself and building on that is the best way we can carry forward with our lives and each day that we are bestowed upon by our creator. Be grateful for the time you are getting to breathe life. Start this new year with a strong resolution of believing in positive and negating the negative. Each day consists of 24 hours and those 24 hours consist of so many moments. Learn to live each moment. Think something new, exciting and forget about all the complaints, issues, problems that try to hold you back. We are not able to do something until we try! So the most important thing you should do this year is 'TRY'.

Forgive and let go of things that once hurt you. Know, that you will not get people like you everywhere and also you will not get the conditions you wish to have. Hence, try to chose the best from what you have and build on that. Do not wait for somebody to make a start for you. Make it yourself and grow.

Think anew this year and let's make a difference to what we have. Explore your inner self and know yourself better. Let's compete only with ourselves. Life won't be easy if we are too harsh on it. Adjust and adapt, laugh and grow, explore and know, forgive and embrace and give a new start to each day!

All this doesn't mean that we won't face any problem but be head strong and resilient and believe. Be the warriors and accept the challenges. Stop blaming and start taking your own charge. Be honest in what you do and be true to yourself, rest will be taken care of. Just give your best. I Know certain things are easier said than done but honesty and hard work is applauded and recognized sooner or later. So, don't give up and work in your true spirits!

Love you all!

Happy Reading!

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