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A new chapter!

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Life's nothing less than a book and with every new chapter comes in new situations, conditions, aspects, and we all strive to get along with all those changes. I have not been very regular in reaching out these days because even I am preparing to start a new chapter of my life. DO worry guys! there is no good news!! ( Hahah) but yes, there will be if everything goes well. My P.hD result is going to be out tomorrow and if I get through, I will enter into the field of researchers and laureates. I am very excited and at the same time a bit anxious too. Hope everything goes well and then, again life's going to experience something new.

Meeting people, talking to them, exploring them, observing them has always interested me a lot and therefore, I am very gregarious by nature and have many people in my circle but of course not all are very close. I have friends from all strata of people and from all different fields. Different thought processes of people have always intrigued me and I have always been fascinated by the way they talk, the way they laugh, the way they perceive things and most importantly the way they perceive life.

Some get very submissive to the situations and conditions and some just retaliate back. Some just stay calm and some show extreme anger. Some are very casual and some are very thoughtful. There are variety of people and hence, so many ways to handle the same situation. Recently, I had a conversation with one of my friends and having suffered from a broken marriage, he is staying alone and of course, is very much concerned about his well being.

After talking to him, I realized and tried to find out where does the problem lie? Why do some people have to suffer like this and if at all it happens, then why they are not able to let go of things? What encourages the other end to just get out of scene and just let the other person suffer? It is very sad and just fill my heart with sadness. After thinking a lot, I could just figure out one thing, ' JUST GO WITH THE FLOW' as ' WHATEVER HAPPENS, IT HAPPENS FOR GOOD.' I am not saying that do not make efforts but we need to understand that if something doesn't work even after trying to make it work, just be contended that at least you tried and then just to move on. All phases of life are never perfect and God tests everyone that whether he has made every human efficient enough to deal with all kinds of situations or not and sometimes God also fails when he see that my own creation is not up to the mark.

Dear all, Life is a roller coaster, sometimes you touch the lowest point on the ride and sometimes you touch the highest point on the ride but most important aspect of the ride is how nicely you are seated with all the precautions intact because to face any situation, your being alive is very important. Hence, just be dependent on yourself for anything and everything and do not give your reign of happiness to somebody else.

I believe in relations but not the tagged ones because with the tagged relations come with unnecessary expectations and obligations which are not healthy for anyone, to whichever category of people you belong to. Hence, these tagged relations are created by us under social pressures which do not justify heart to heart connections! SO, just play cool guys, if it works, well and fine! If it doesn't work, move on but never compromise on your health and yourself!

Love you all!!

Happy Reading!!

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