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A moment!

It is just about 'A moment', when you fall in love, when your life takes a turn, when you taste success, when you have that saddest event in life, when you get that much awaited high in your life, when your that one wish gets fulfilled, when you feel you are the most heart broken and when you finally find yourself! Yes, it just takes a moment!

How many of us catch these moments during our life course? The number is less as we are too busy running, achieving, gaining, acquiring all the materialistic luxuries which are actually not worth but are very attractive and we all surrender to their luster and shine in such a way that we cannot see the real beauty of these little moments that actually make our life worth living.

Moments, a slot of just few minutes and sometimes just few seconds but give you a realization of the whole lifetime and if we start counting on these, believe me the definition of life and living a life will change for all of us. Moments brings you joy, pain, feelings, emotions, realization, a sense of pride, a sense of belonging, a power of recognizing oneself, realization of self worth. So, live every moment that time brings your way, as moments are not different than time, once gone will never repeat. Catch these and you never know when your life will take a complete turn to transform you completely as a person and will bring you to a total new world where you can start afresh, anew.

Many of us remember some important events in our life that has actually brought a change but we rarely pay attention to all these little moments that come our way daily, everyday. The moment when you get up and look at yourself in the mirror, the moment when you sit and sip your favorite tea, the moment when you read your favorite book, the moment when you chit chat with your friends and all those little moments that your share with your little one, your family, all those moments when you fight and realize, all those moments when you care and love, all those moments when you cook and relish or sometimes get disappointed. We live through all these but the only difference is we do not realize that these moments only make up our lives worth living and not all the artificial things with which we surround ourselves.

Live each moment, live life!!

love you all!

Happy reading!

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