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A long day......

Sometimes the same duration, same number of hours seems as if they are increased for a day. Same routine creates a lot of boredom sometimes but you cannot avoid work too. Sometimes , it becomes so monotonous that you are not able to choose what could help you rejuvenate because everything seems alike. What to do in this scenario?

I am a very self motivated person and usually I do not get bored because I have so many things on mind to do or be hands on but I also sometimes experience this weird feeling of what to do now, what to do next? I think the best way to overcome this is to think and make yourself understand that its OK not to do something sometimes! Its OK, if you do not feel like cooking, its OK when you do not feel like watching TV, its OK when you just want to lie down and do nothing. So rest, to gear up again!

Our body is nothing less than a machine, though we quite capable of pushing ourselves hard on ourselves while performing our tasks but our body needs a break and believe me it needs a good break! We need to break our monotonous routine and take sometime off from our overloaded routine. I can understand staying at home all the time doesn't provide you with many options but there is a very important saying, 'If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.' Hence, create your own opportunity.

Design a corner at your home and make it your favorite cozy place to sit and read. Make your balcony a nature's garden and plant your favorite plants, put some lights in there to make you feel illuminated all the time. Spread your favorite bed sheet and make your resting space as comfortable as you can. Cook a dish that you have been missing from a long time. Connect with your friends and talk all rubbish that you used to when in school or college. Play some stupid games with your kids and just give your best shot!! The only mantra to overcome boredom is the revisit ourselves, our true selves. Do not hide yourself, expose yourself, may not be to the world out there but yes its very important to expose your self to your own self, so that you do not forget your own identity.

Whenever bored, go on a spree to find yourself through all the different ways you can. Believe me you will enjoy!!

Happy reading!!

Love you All!!

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