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A letter to my mom..

Born in a cradle of love,

Taken care of like a gem,

Strolled through greens,

On a velvet bed,

You gave me everything,

I miss you mom...

You handled me crying,

You hugged me tight,

You held me through storms,

Wiping my eyes,

You were my world,

You were everywhere,

I miss you mom..

You strengthened a tender heart,

Yet took care so hard,

You held me straight,

And asked me not to fade,

I learned to color my sky,

With your paints.

I miss you mom...

I thought you would be there for me,

Till eternity,

God would be kind enough to me,

To leave you with me,

But time had some other plans,

And here, I am all with me.

I miss you mom...

I carry myself so strong,

I don't cry now,

I laugh out my difficulties,

And retaliate to the blows.

I hold myself with grace,

Hoping you to come one day,

And embrace.

I miss you mom...

I always thought,

What would I do without you?

But here I am,

With all my pink and blues,

I am busy the whole day,

My hands are full,

But deep down,

I am only with you.

I miss you mom...

"My hands shivered when I wrote this, I wish a mother never departs from her child ever."

In the loving memory of my mom...


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