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A knock out!!

A knock out situation is experienced by most of us in life and during our tenure here. We would never experience what is success unless and life knocks you out. We feel depressed and heartbroken when we experience the hardships of life and situations which we get into with time but the strength lies in getting up and showing up.

The problem arises when we work and strive to fulfill somebody else expectations and see our goal through somebody else eyes. We forget that we need relations to share and to express ourselves, to have a good time and experience happiness, share our sadness and get through some tough times helping each other but we cannot loose ourselves as an individual on this. We need to identify what we need, what we require, what we expect,what we want to achieve as an individual. We need to be happy with ourselves in the first place to make our surroundings happy but in extreme cases this may not happen, how much ever happy you are with yourself.

In this scenario, again you are not suppose to loose your mind and focus, just believe in yourself and carry on. We cannot make everyone happy and satisfied at the same time when we are happy or satisfied because being happy and staying happy is not everyone's cup of tea. It requires a lot of courage, a positive mindset and a conscious effort to see good in everything and just ignore the negative side.

Getting upset is normal but staying upset is not. Whenever life knocks you down, do not give up instead train your mind to find another option that could work. Every problem has a solution, it just needs a right approach. What ever we do, whatever we practice has a consequence but do not expect that consequence to be pleasant every time. So, think negative and be positive and then observe and witness the magic!

Train yourself, prepare yourself, gear up and carry yourself gracefully through all walks of life as time is never constant and neither the situations are and it is completely in our hands to make the best out of whatever we have and I very strongly believe that all of us have enough inside us to stand up and show up!

Live life, be happy, count on your blessing and achievements and build on these!!

Love you all!!

Happy reading!!

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