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A gift

I wish I had a typewriter in my mind and could get everything typed as and when I thought. Mind never stops thinking and these thoughts are so many that to remember them for collating becomes a task. Another important aspect is where to deliver these thoughts? You need someone to talk to or to share at that time which is not always possible. You need something to pen down but again sometimes and many a times you don't have the right resource with you. In all these scenarios, we can just think and store!

It's amazing how much we think! At least I can say for myself that my mind is never at rest! I have not tried meditation though I do yoga. I wonder is it that you can stop thinking or I would say keep your mind from running here and there while meditating? Will try this for sure!

Through this piece of writing I just want to explore and communicate what brings us to get a gift for someone. Buying a gift is one of my favourite activity among all other social activities. When you buy a gift or make a gift for someone, your friends, your relatives, your siblings, your children, it gives your a sense of fulfilment. The emotion that you have while preparing a gift gives you immense satisfaction and a feeling that 'everything's alright'.

Gifting is a beautiful social attribute that we should inculcate in our behaviour. When you prepare or buy a gift for someone, you think about the person, your try to figure out what he or she likes, you make an effort to match the available products to his or her liking, you analyse which one would suit the best as a gift and you do think of the expressions of happiness or gratitude or humbleness that you will receive as you gift. It's so beautiful! right!

Gifts create memories! These small products take you back in time and remind when, where, how, for whom you got that gift. It is token of love, gratitude, thankfulness, and respect. It reflects our connection with the person. It keeps our humaneness alive and make us feel relaxed and happy. It reflects how much you value people in your life that you carry them with you in your thoughts wherever you go and think of making them a part of your beautiful journey.

"Do believe in gifting, it's not the price tag of the gift that matters but the feeling and emotion behind it, do wonders!"

Happy reading

Love you all!

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