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A date with fog..

It was 9 AM in the morning but seemed like 6 AM. Everything seemed embraced in white clouds and fog. After freshening myself up, I went out for a walk and a light exercise. My hands were freezing cold but it was a feeling of extreme love where this cold has embraced me so tight that I could feel it completely through my bones, to my soul. My nose was red and running was never so much fun. I exercised, jogged, stretched and felt a bit warm. At my parents place we live at a farmhouse and nature is at its best in monsoon and in winters, Summers are a bit tough to deal with because its extreme over here.

Sweating out in winters through workout is something out of the world kind of feeling for me and I just love being a fitness freak. With all the greenery at your disposal, no one would deny the heavenly feeling that is felt and experienced. I have always considered myself lucky to have stayed very close to nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. I have always lived with a fresh breeze, morning sunrise and evening sunset. The beautiful trees nests all the beautiful, magnificent birds which are of course a treat to watch.

While jogging, I just looked up a teak tree where these three parrots were communicating and were discussing their day with each other. I could not understand their conversation but definitely could see them in their faded greens and reds. Fog did not allow them to flaunt their beautiful colors and made them look the same. Wanted to click them but ended up taking my own selfies( haha!). It was mesmerizing to click pictures with this natural white background, I could not see anything behind me, just the white fog.

Then another adventure came up. I thought of taking a walk in the field. It was a beautiful feeling of walking along a small canal with almost zero visibility as we all tread on the path of our life with no certainty but still in the hope of something exciting to happen and with all that confidence of conquering the best. Then came a point where I looked back and then in front. I could not see anything in both the directions. This made me think and ponder over the most important lesson of life, it is very important to fade but not forget, what is left behind and move on with confidence and belief to make the best out of whatever we will encounter.

It was a beautiful morning and a memorable date with fog!


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