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A conflict: Heart or Brain?

The control center of our body, 'the brain', has been given all the responsibility to think, to process, to balance, to recognize, to compare, to contrast, to analyse, to interpret, to feel, to express and so on. According to biology, 'the limbic system' is the part of the brain that control all our emotions and feelings and is located deep inside between the cerebral hemispheres and the brain stem. So, what is the function of our heart?

Usually the terminology used is, brain works on logic but heart works on the emotional quotient, where the latter is actually the functionality of our brain. We all have to condition our brain and not our heart. It's true that our heart gets affected because it is responsible for pumping that life fluid in our body, that is the fuel that makes our body machine work efficiently but the stress and the happiness quotient affects our blood flow and hence affects our heart.

Hence, these terms 'heartaches','breaking of heart', ' heart to heart connection' but its all about how much we take care about the functioning of our brain. Every working system needs some time to rejuvenate, to refresh and to come back to its normal working state but when we overthink, overwork, take lot of stress and push all the nerve cells to work out of their normal capacity, all these problems arise that we usually relate to our heart.

'I want to go out, enjoy, travel, meet people, laugh and talk but the conditions being not conducive, the logical part of your brain says, 'no', its not possible. Now, what happens here?

The emotional corner gets suppressed because you intuition also supports the logic and this puts lot of pressure on your heart because what ever you struggle with while thinking, it affects almost every part of your body and heart's job is to supply enough blood to provide oxygen to keep your system in proper optimal working state, hence a lot of pressure on heart!!

So, follow your intuition and take care of your brain, heart will automatically fall in place. All these overwhelming thoughts, expressions will never trouble you when you will condition yourself to keep a balance between your IQ and EQ that is your Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Quotient. As I always say, it doesn't take much but just some time with yourself and you don't have to be affected by others opinions or advice. Be your own guide! Dream, but don't overlook logic behind it. Wish, but don't keep unnecessary conditions to fulfill your wishes. Time is very powerful and all of us must trust the timing in our lives!

let's learn to balance ourselves, it keeps our heart healthy!

Love you all!!

Have a great day ahead!!

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