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A conflict!

Humans are complicated beings. They are entangled most of the times .

Entangled? But in what?

They are most of the times entangled in their own thought process and instead of paying attention to consequences , they keep sailing in the the same boat. It is all about availing opportunities, when you give your mind an opportunity to rule over you, it does. It is same for us too, when we get an opportunity we avail that.

How we conduct ourselves? How we look at life? How do we manage ourselves?

All these questions are answerable but only with a composed and thoughtful mind and requires a lot of patience and consideration. Quick, random, impatient responses lead to lot of problems. But at the same time, the negative energy should flow out to let positive energy flow in.

In our daily lives, we come across so many things that make us realize what is supposed to be done and what we can actually ignore. But when is comes to materializing something, a clear and sharp mind set is very crucial. To decide on something that is important, we cannot rely on any random thought that crosses our mind. We have to be analytical and positive.

Giving up at any point of time is not a solution. Instead train your mind hard like an army personnel to find out solution to the toughest problem. To deal with such situations in life, both determination and patience are required. We cannot expect a miracle to happen in a short span of time and to keep ourselves determined we need to be patient as well.

We all need to resolve the conflicts that goes on inside us. We need to equip ourselves first before we start worrying about outer world issues. Be determined! Always have a mindset of a problem solver! Worry less, work more! Just observe and you are half way through your problems.

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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