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Hi there,

I again thought of getting up and pouring out something today. Our thoughts are like water, they remain clean and fresh till the time they are flowing, articulated, expressed and communicated, otherwise thoughts become polluted as stagnant water does. Few days of shut down on your own thoughts make you realize how heavy your own thoughts can be and how deteriorating their effects can be on your mind and body. It is very important to think but its more important to think right!

I know everyone know this but how much feasible it is, makes a difference. Trying to give your best shot and trying to please everyone, trying to keep everyone in their comfort zone, trying to accommodate everything, exhausts our minds sometimes and more so when there is no recognition of the efforts made by you, hurts even more and everything snaps! You feel you are in a total different world where you are just getting strangled by all the negativities around. Everything seems so dark and worthless. There are times when you yourself start feeling so useless about yourself.

This is life. Sometimes grey, sometimes black, sometimes blue with all the different hues. Bright colors of the life are seen only by those who yearn for them, who actually look out for them, who actually want to explore the brighter side but sometimes this courage also dims.

There are days when we feel lost and are not in a good state of mind but time and life goes on and if we realize the moments that we are losing being unhappy or sad, its actually too much in these uncertain times. Whether you want or you do not want, you have only one option and that is to move on.

Even if all the paths are closed, there is one little pavement always open and if we want to make a path we can carve that path even in the densest forest of our badly entangled thoughts. You start realizing, how important you are for yourself if not for anyone. You get to know your own worth in these worthless times. Be with yourself, detach yourself from everything for sometime if needed but just do not leave yourself as nobody needs you more than you, yourself.

"Keep looking for that ray of hope and that one streak of light even in the darkest phase of your life."

Stay happy!

Love you all!

Happy reading!

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