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Life is full of so many whys'. Why do we do this? Why do we do that? Why is it so? Why it is not so? Why to laugh? Why to cry? Why to think? Why to overthink?

To some of these why's we get answers and most of these remain unanswered because we all live in an entangled world of relations and boundaries where most of the relations are just about give and take without any other concern and if rightly put in my words, relations exist just to fulfill some worldly desires.

I really wonder, if ever I could convince myself with the purity of relations except the bond between a mother and a child. Anyways, do not want to impose any of my extremities upon all of you but still feel that relations should be built on humane grounds and not to fulfill any kind of desire. The purity lies when you put the one you love and care for in front of everything and give importance to him or her. A relation is when everything falls behind love and care. A relation is when we feel each other's pain to an equal extent. A relation is when we are not bound but are actually willing to lose ourselves for that someone special.

All this seems like myth these days and the most hurting of all is when you realize that all your concerns, care, love and affections have gone for a toss and you have lost everything in finding answers to so many unanswerable why's. Life seems upside down and you feel so low and lonely. Can you make someone care for you forcibly? Can you make someone love you forcibly? Can you make some feel concerned for you forcibly? The answer to all these questions is, 'NO'.

What to do now? How to deal with all this? Should we give up? Should we feel depressed and just accept?

When you feel you have lost yourself to find someone who was not worth your search. Stop torturing yourself. Instead take a journey back to yourself and start moving on a path to find yourself again. You are a complete institution, a complete world in yourself, with your own likes, dislikes, beliefs, your own attitude, behavior and perceptions. There are so many things that revolve around you. Be the sun of your own solar system! Believe in what you are and do not lose yourself for someone who is not worth you. Be the sunlight of your own and shine bright to follow what you believe in and live. This life is all about an individual's journey from known to unknown. We know others but we forget to explore ourselves to impress others. Don't do that! You can be a loving and most admired person only and only when you know how to respect and take care of yourself.

Love you all!!

Happy reading!

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